Bodtrak 35, on display at the Bordeaux, Metricon Balwyn

Bold, beautiful – and practical

  • Manufactured from high grade extruded aluminium means top performance
  • Sturdy bottom fixed glides run internally for smooth operating
  • Available in all Vanda Standard and Premium colours  for various decors
  • Hand traverse, avoid worrisome cording
  • Rods are available up to six metres, covers most window options.
  • Sourced from NZ, the Boldtrak range is then customised and finished here in Victoria
  • Both the 32 square and the 35 round share the same bracketing - to make easier ordering and fitting
  • Both rods can be used with a 'S' Fold Heading
  • Can be used in a double rod system, with the 16 or 25mm Versatrak.

Choose from Boldtrak 35 round  or Boldtrak 32 square 



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